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Steps To Take When You’ve Been Infected

Immediately after an infection has already taken place is not likely the most appropriate time to be talking about your antivirus. However if you are able to get an antivirus program installed they are helpful tools to get things back to normal.

Physical access trumps all others and in this case one can see why. With a good backup it will be possible to restore to a time prior to the infection. Without a backup the business owner will need to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Determine Threat Scope

Isolate Threat

Business Continuity

Remediate Threat

Post Mortum


Preventing Virus Infections

The best software and hardware will not stop an uninformed user from doing harm. A system must allow users to do their work. Downloading and opening spreadsheets is likely a required task for an accountant so blocking all attachments or spreadsheets is not a viable option. However, malicious macros are a typical attack vector. A well trained user is a great line of defense to have. We offer yearly security and engagement training to our clients to help staff maintain a sharp eye.


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