Security Engagement Training

An effective way to train staff on real security threats.


A Real Life Compromise Scenario

The only way to adequately train for an event is to have actively faced that event and know what to look for. This is where JWill Creations steps in. We will simulate a real world physical attack and see how well your staff are able to thwart the attempt. Informing staff is the most important objective here. Threat actors don’t typically dress in black hoodies. In fact, they usually blend in very well and use that to gain first access.

Retail Chains

Lawyer's Offices


Finacial Institutions

Small Businesses



After the engagement a brief training session, security materials, and a Q&A session are offered. This gives us an opportunity to review the engagement in a relaxed setting and go over what was done well and anything that could be improved on. Having a threat actor take advantage of you or anyone at your site will have a long lasting impact that a classroom experience can’t duplicate. Don’t worry CSO’s, we also have a report for you.


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