Small Business IT

An IT department when you can’t afford an IT department.

Small businesses and startups can’t afford a full time IT person. This is why we exist. JWill Creations will take a physical site under contract and provide a service level to the customer. This allows you to leverage the knowledge and power of an IT department without the full time cost of one. We are committed to better IT and are excited to prove it to you!

In the event you are infected with malware or an attacker gains control of your system, a properly configured backup packs the most punch in your fight back. Be back up and running in a matter of minutes or hours instead of days. It is no longer a matter of if, but a matter of when your data will be compromised. Don’t be left with no recourse.

In the event of physical theft, encryption will protect your data from prying eyes. Encryption adds a layer of security to your organization’s hardware and software. Contact JWill Creations and see which of your systems are the most vulnerable.

A technology roadmap will give you a visual representation of the tech you and JWill Creations plan to implement together. From simple wireless integration or coverage addition to enterprise point to point wireless. Every site is unique and JWill Creations will work with you to achieve your networking goal.

Using JWill Creations as your Managed Services Provider gives you leverage. Leverage on your competition. You have an IT department that is proactively looking after your best interest, allowing you to focus on the important revenue generating aspects of your business. Contact us today and see how we can start helping now!

When an emergency arises you need to be able to continue business while you deal with the issues. This is why Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity and commonly mentioned together. JWill Creations will provide a Disaster Recovery environment in the cloud that can double as a substantial part of your business continuity plan.


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